Snowball Effect Scripts

Character Selection
The character selection screen. Getting this to work correctly with replication / over client/server connection was a major hurdle during development.

For Snowball Effect, the UT2004 mod that I worked on while at the Guildhall, I was technically the team lead/producer of the project, but necessity lead me to put on a programmers cap for a while and put level design on hold. While acting as the team lead was my primary responsibility, I spent most of my free time working with UnrealScript, coding whatever the programmers wanted to throw my way. I ended up scripting a good chunk of the weapons and GUI code, which allowed the programmers to focus on getting the more critical elements of the mod up and working correctly. In the end, I either created or worked on pieces of the following:

  • The 5 base weapons (Rock Salt Gun, Coal Buster, Sand Mine Layer, Hot Poker Rifle, Combat Shovel)
  • Flamethrower special weapon (sample code available >> here <<)
  • Freeze Ray special weapon (visuals only)
  • GUI code hooks for custom art assets
  • Character select screen (initial, rough version)
  • Misc emitters and effects

While I did help out as much as possible, the two programmers on the project (Keith Blackstone and Walter Lucman) did the majority of the hard work.