Section 8: Prejudice

Deadwood - Start Area I - The initial landing zone in Deadwood. After destroying a ARM refueling facility, the player lands in the canyons below, with the wreckage of the ARM fleet breaking apart above.

Position: Level Designer / Campaign Designer
Description: For Section 8: Prejudice, I worked on two maps – one Multiplayer map, Whiteout, and one Singleplayer map, Deadwood – and acted as the Campaign Designer for the majority of the project.On Whiteout, I worked in conjunction with two other designers, passing the level off between the various phases of development, but I primarily worked on the initial design of the level and optimization for consoles.

On Deadwood, I took the map through all phases of development, from initial design, to blockout, gameplay implementation, deco, and optimization.

My Campaign Designer responsibilities on Section 8: Prejudice mainly consisted of creating and balancing the various weapons, vehicles, structures, and enemy types used specifically in the Campaign. Additionally, I was responsible for maintaining and stabilizing the overall difficulty and flow of the entire campaign for the project.

Duration: 1 Year
Roles: Map Specific:

  • Design Sketching / Design Doc Creation
  • Geometry whiteboxing / prototyping
  • Art Population (Texturing / Mesh Placement)
  • Gameplay Scripting & Balance (Singleplayer and Multiplayer)
  • PC and Xbox 360 Optimization


  • Created and maintained gameplay balance for all Campaign-specific weapons, vehicles, structures and enemy types.
  • Maintained wiki pages / documentation for Campaign-specific features.
  • Assisted other developers in fixing various Kismet scripting issues.