Section 8

Crash Site - Shack - The small shack directly to the east of the USIS Utah wreckage. The USIS Utah essentially crashes directly into an existing facility, and this small shack is all that remains standing.

Position: Level Designer
Description: I joined the Level Design team for Section 8 about mid-way through the production phase. During that time, I took one map, Utah Crash Site, through all phases of development, from initial layout to PC and Xbox 360 optimization. I also prototyped out a few other maps (3) during that time, but they were not taken beyond the gameplay testing phase in order to lighten team workload.
In addition to my Level Design responsibilities, I also took on a few Game Design goals. These goals ranged from the creation of feature wiki pages with strictly outlined requirements to the creation of a variety of new UnrealScript classes (i.e. Campaign-specific loadouts, new volume types based on LD requests, weapon modifications, etc)
Duration: 1 Year, 6 months
Roles: Map Specific:

  • Design Sketching / Design Doc Creation
  • Geometry whiteboxing / prototyping
  • Art Population (Texturing / Mesh Placement)
  • Lighting
  • Gameplay Scripting & Balance (Singleplayer and Multiplayer)
  • PC and Xbox 360 Optimization


  • Prototyped baseline SP scripting needed for Campaign mode.
  • Worked on select minor game design tasks and tweaks.
  • Assisted other developers in fixing various Kismet scripting issues.

USIS Utah Crash Site Level fly Thru: