Phantom Dust


Position: Technical Designer
Description: For the 2015 Phantom Dust reboot project I worked on while at Darkside, I was primarily responsible for scripting out the behavior of the various attack types used by the numerous skills, including ranged projectiles, mines and melee weapons. The Phantom Dust reboot was aiming to be as true to the original XBox game as possible, but all of the underlying logic for the various skills needed to be remade in UnrealEngine 3. Working along with 3 other Technical Designers, I focused mainly on prototyping out the offensive and attack skill systems, while pitching into assist with other systems when needed. While we had an extensive blueprint for the desired behavior in the original game, we needed to approach the design of the skill system with expandability, and revisions to the various, weaker gameplay aspects of the original in mind.
Duration: 7 Months
Roles: Project-wide:

  • Wrote up feature specific design documents for various features (spectator system, player camera controls, pickups).
  • Created and maintained basic functionality for wide variety of weapons and projectiles using primarily UnrealScript and C++, ranging from melee weapons to remote detonation mines.
  • Worked with other Technical Designers and Programmers to maintain the code backend to a complex skill system that needed to support over 400 unique skills.