Aliens: Colonial Marines

Position: Lead Level Designer
Description: Starting in late 2010, I worked as the Lead Level Designer for the TimeGate designers on Aliens: Colonial Marines, under contract with Gearbox Software. I oversaw 5-8 Level Designers working on both Multiplayer and Singleplayer maps until about midway through the project. At that point, I transitioned to a consultation role for other studios.

In addition to my management responsibilities, I also collaborated with other Level Designers on the two major singleplayer demos created for E3 2011 and Destination PlayStation 2012.

Duration: ~2 Years
Roles: Project-wide:

  • Oversaw a team of Level Designers through all stages of level development.
  • Worked closely with Creative Director and Design Director on overall level direction on assigned levels.
  • Worked on select minor game design tasks and assisted other developers in fixing various scripting issues.
  • Assisted other Level Designers in creation of E3 and Destination PlayStation Demos.

Map Specific:

  • Geometry whiteboxing / prototyping
  • Gameplay Scripting & Balance (Singleplayer and Multiplayer)
  • PC and Xbox 360 Optimization

Walkthrough of Destination PlayStation 2012 Demo:
I worked closely with multiple other designers to create this handsoff demo that was used at the Destination PlayStation press event in early 2012. Most of the elements seen here were used in some form or fashion in the first mission of the shipping game.