U.S.S. Heimdall

U.S.S. Heimdall - Walker Bay Control Room - The control room for the Walker Bay aboard the Heimdall. The player is trapped in the control room when the breach event takes place.

Description: U.S.S. Heimdall is a single level for Quake IV created for the Directed Focus Study class at the Guildhall at SMU. The player is stationed aboard the U.S.S. Heimdall when it is boarded in mid-flight by Strogg invaders.
Creation Time: 7 Weeks
Assets Created: BSP/Mesh Placement, Scripted Events, In-game GUIs
Requirements: Quake IV 1.3
Documentation: Download U.S.S. Heimdall Level Design Doc (.doc, 15 MB)
Download: Download U.S.S. Heimdall (.zip, 12 MB)

Brief video of the Intro and Breach scripted event in U.S.S. Heimdall