Deja Vudu

Library - Past 1 - Another view of the Library in the Past.

Position: Lead Level Designer
Description: A Half-Life 2 modification developed over the course of 5 months by 8 level designers, 2 artists, and 2 programmers. A puzzle-focused mod in which the player is trapped in a mansion inhabited by 4 spirits or Loa in order to escape. In order to defeat the Loa, the player must travel between two different time periods and solve puzzles in the Past and the Present. A talking voodoo doll named Jimmy acts as the players guide through the mansion.
Creation Time: 5 Months (October 07 – February 08)
Project Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for general management of level design team.
  • Created base BSP for half of the first floor of the mansion.
  • Helped other level designers with fix various scripting problems/issues.
  • Helped programmers out with some of the smaller code elements:
    • HUD elements for inventory
    • Screen Overlays
    • In-game hint book
Requirements: Half-Life 2
Documentation: Download Deja Vudu GDD (.doc) (written by Bailey Hall and Elizabeth England)
Download: Download Deja Vudu Installer (.exe, 286 MB)