A Visit To Black Marsh

Soulwretch Caverns - Tombs 1 - Another shot of the Tombs area of the Soulwretch Caverns. I made heavy use of shadows to create a dark, creepy ambience in this area.

Description: A Visit To Black Marsh is an Oblivion plugin I created for the Level Design 3 class at the Guildhall at SMU. Whereas the first two classes were focused on multiplayer map creation in Unreal Tournament 2004, the third class was devoted to singleplayer and storytelling. While playing Oblivion, I found that I enjoyed the Dark Brotherhood quests in particular, so I decided to expand upon that give high level players something to do after they completed that quest line.

This plugin takes the player into the city of Gideon in Black Marsh, the area southeast of Cyrodil, where Oblivion takes place. The player must assassinate the leader of a cult that is brainwashing members of the Dark Brotherhood. In order to get close enough to this cult leader, Nakuma, the player must join the cult and gain the trust of one of its key members, then work their way through the organizations ranks.

Creation Time: 5 Weeks – 1 week for exterior creation, 3 weeks for interior cell creation and population, 1 week for AI packages, scripting, item creation, dialog, etc.
Assets Created: Terrain, static placement, quests, factions, NPCs, dialog, scripts, in-game items
Requirements: Oblivion 1.2
Documentation: Download A Visit To Black Marsh Project Outline (.doc)
Download A Visit To Black Marsh Mini Portfolio (.pdf, 3 MB)
Download A Visit To Black Marsh Mini Portfolio (.doc, 10 MB)
Download: Download A Visit To Black Marsh (.zip, 20.1 MB)