Hashima Island

Docks 1

Description: Hashima Island is a small vignette map I created as a scripting test. The map is an interpretation of the pier area on Hashima Island, or “Battleship Island,” an abandoned coal mining island about 15k from Nagasaki, Japan. I chose the image because I found the story of the place intriguing and thought the dense ghost town look of the place to be haunting. I chose to use create the map using the Gears of War editor since Gears uses a primarily post-apocalyptic urban setting.

The map contains about 5 minutes of gameplay, with the primary focus being a custom scripted puzzle. The puzzle is a variant of the 3 Galloon Jug/5 Galloon Jug riddle, which was used most notably in the movie Die Hard with a Vengeance. Since Gears of War doesn’t have any real puzzles to begin with, I scripted custom UIScenes and puzzle logic so the puzzle could be solved during gameplay.

Creation Time: 10 Days

Hashima Island Puzzle: